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Canaan Land (2016) Unit Production Manager Richard Rossi
Like Father, Like Son (2016) Unit Production Manager Daniel Leighton
La Sirena (2016) Production Assistant Daniel Leighton
Cafe Oubliette (2015) Director/Producer Golden Tower Entertainment
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
(2015, Season 1)
Production Assistant/Intern CBS Studios
Trust Your Instincts (2015) 1st Assistant Director Faviola Rivas
The Nut Collector (2015) 2nd Assistant Director Jay Gilliland
Chosen (2015) Production Assistant Jason Blanco
Rollover (Bulletboys Music Video) (2014) 1st Assistant Director Diego Negrete
When Heaven Weeps (2014) 1st Assistant Director Mario Williams
Patience Is a Virtue (2013) Director/Producer Golden Tower Entertainment


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